We’ve begun

Now we’re getting more into the actual stuff that will be happening every week. I had my first class yesterday, and my first regular community thing today.

The class I had yesterday is called Late Twentieth-Century British Drama: A Literature and Performance Course. I will probably just be calling it British Drama. The class is only 6 people, which I really love, I find being in smaller classes to be a lot more fulfilling and I have more of an ability to get what I want to out of the class. I had a class last semester that was only 4 people, and it was really great, I was also able to get to know the other students more than in larger classes. In that class, we did what I’m guessing is the kind of thing we will be doing for the rest of the semester. My professor, or tutor as they are called here, started off by going through what we would be doing in the class, both in terms of the layout of the weeks and they plays we would be doing. The first 6 weeks are spent working on analyzing plays and the last 6 are spent rehearsing a scene of our choosing, likely from a play we read, for a performance that is our final. In class, we went over the text that was our diagnostic (the opening scene from Silence by Harold Pinter) and talked about its structure and all of the usual analytical things and then split into groups and did a mini performance of how we would do that scene of the play. It’s pretty amazing how different performances can be, my group and the other group both did very different things with the way that we not only staged it, but also said it. I think it’s going to be a pretty interesting class.

I also went to the Manvers Street Church Toddler Group today. It isn’t related to any religious activities, it is just a group that meets in the church. The groups at Manvers Street are generally meant to combat loneliness, so the goal of the Toddler Group, rather than providing childcare, is to give the parents and adult caretakers a place to be able to speak to other adults and have interaction with people who are older than children. There apparently weren’t that many people there today compared to normal, so we’ll see how it goes in the future. But I did talk to a couple of moms, and a couple of the toddlers did things like hand me toys and then come back to get them about 7 seconds later, you know, the classic toddler type thing. It’s interesting because I’ve done a lot of work with little kids, from babysitting to being a camp counselor to taking care of children at a local church while their parents were at service, but I haven’t ever come across anything that has this kind of format and goal, where it is more for the parents and adults than the kids. Don’t get me wrong, the kids have a lot of great toys and things and they do a little song circle at the end, but the specific goal of the group is not child-oriented. But speaking of kids’ songs, it’s funny because I’ve heard a lot of children’s songs, but I was not familiar with some of the ones that they sung. There were some familiar ones, like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and The Wheels On The Bus (which had slightly different lyrics), but it’s funny how in a culture that actually isn’t entirely different from the US, there are still differences in things like that.

Tomorrow I have my first day of my internship at the Bath Phil, which should be especially interesting since they have the concert Thursday, so I’ll see you then. Also man, what a crazy Super Bowl, I went to bed when it was 21-3 and when I woke up, it was not.


Author: iprefershowers

I (she/her/hers) am originally from California, and a third year double majoring in Psychology and Arts Management, a major I created, at Oberlin College. A lot of my interests lie in the arts, at Oberlin I help run a student dance company, stage manage both departmental and student theatre productions, and teach dance classes. I am continuing this interest and involvement while on the Advanced Studies in England program by completing an internship with the Bath Philharmonia in addition to taking three classes in the study of the arts. I am also volunteering at a toddler group and a youth theatre.

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