Gone to Glasgow

Rachel and I are now back from our couple day trip to Glasgow, Scotland. We were off to a great start by almost missing boarding for our flight there, we had to semi-run through the airport and were the second to last group of people to board, but we did get there all well and good. We took a taxi from the airport to our hostel, and our taxi driver was very friendly and offered lots of suggestions of things to do, although I have to be honest, I didn’t quite understand everything he said, he had a very thick Scottish accent.  The people at the hostel were also very nice, the woman who checked us in was also from the US, which was nice. We then went out to get food and ended up at TGI Friday’s, probably one of the most American places we could’ve eaten. Afterwards, we met up with two other ASE students who were in Glasgow at a pub and just talked for a few hours.

The next day was our main day of doing tourist-y things. We started at the Kelvingrove museum, which is a very large museum of basically every kind of thing that you would find in a museum, stuffed animals, art, sculptures, all of that kind of thing. It was really interesting and there was a whole mini exhibit on an artist named John Quinton Pringle, whose art I found I really liked. There was also a painting that both Rachel and I really liked (photo below) called Anna Pavlova, 1910 by Sir John Lavery. They also have a stuffed Asian elephant named Sir Roger which I enjoyed.IMG_6884.jpg

Then we walked over to the Riverside Museum, or the Transport Museum, which was a very well laid out museum about different kinds of transportation and a bit of what the city was like years ago. They had one section that was set up as a recreation of an old street (see photo below), with different shops you could go into and read about whatever craft it was at that time and how it was done. It was really cool and incorporated interactivity in a really compelling way. They also had the aptly named Tall Ship outside, but it cost money to go in, so we didn’t go onto it. There was also a fun set of a huge chair and a couch covered in fake grass (see additional photos) in front of the museum that kids and people were playing on. It was also next to a place that sold Belgium waffles, so we both got one to go take on the road with us.IMG_6886.jpg

From there, we went to the Necropolis, which is a very old and very very large graveyard that overlooks the city. It’s right behind the Glasgow Cathedral, which we went into afterwards. I don’t have much to say about it though, it looked a lot like the other cathedrals we have been to. The Necropolis itself was very cool though, there were a lot of very old and large monuments and crypts. It’s always a little crazy to wander around graveyards and think about how many people have cared a lot about other people enough to erect huge monuments and tombstones to them. There also was a really amazing view out over the city (see photo below). IMG_6889.jpg

We didn’t do too much after that, and yesterday we basically just wandered around the city center, doing silly things like trying on prom dresses and we found a little market place and things like that. One other thing about Glasgow is that it has a lot of street art around (see additional photos), which I really liked. Some of my family is also from Scotland, so it was funny seeing people that looked kinda like my mom did when she was younger, and finding the tartans for the clans my family is a part of. I am glad to be back in Bath, though, I really like this city and I do have things I have to do.


Author: iprefershowers

I (she/her/hers) am originally from California, and a third year double majoring in Psychology and Arts Management, a major I created, at Oberlin College. A lot of my interests lie in the arts, at Oberlin I help run a student dance company, stage manage both departmental and student theatre productions, and teach dance classes. I am continuing this interest and involvement while on the Advanced Studies in England program by completing an internship with the Bath Philharmonia in addition to taking three classes in the study of the arts. I am also volunteering at a toddler group and a youth theatre.

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