To the Roman Baths at Last

On Monday, I finally made it to the namesake of this town: the Roman Baths (see photo below). Fun fact, Bath used to be called Aquae Sulis, after the goddess Minerva Sulis, who is actually a merging of two goddesses, Minerva and Sulis (I am pretty sure all of that is true). I hadn’t realized, but it isn’t just the baths, there is an entire museum aspect to the Roman Baths, which I had not seen any pictures of or anything, but makes perfect sense. The oldest inscription at the site is from 76 AD, which is just such an incredibly long time ago. It was also a huge involved complex, with a courtyard and many other buildings, not just the baths themselves (see additional photos).  The museum was also set up with audio guides, so you could put in numbers and hear about different artifacts from the site and parts of the building and all of that.

One of my favorite set of artifacts was old curses that people had thrown in, which usually revolved around cursing someone who had stolen something of theirs (see additional photos). I think that I find a couple of things universally interesting: objects that are supposed to magical or spiritual in some way, keys (which if you know me personally, shouldn’t be too surprising), natural history things like skeletons, and buildings that were built a really long time ago. On that last one, there was a surprising amount of the building left, more than I think I typically see at sights like that, which was really cool, because it meant you could walk through it and kind of get an idea of what it was like. And of course, the baths themselves were pretty cool, especially since it’s all natural. I also got to taste the bath water, which mostly tastes like metal. I really do wish that they were more publicly available though, as I would really love to be able to just sit by them and do work or things like that. I really enjoyed going, and actually probably wouldn’t mind going again, as I do feel that I have to have a vaguely good idea about them since I will have lived a 10 minute walk from them for four months.IMG_6945.jpg


Author: iprefershowers

I (she/her/hers) am originally from California, and a third year double majoring in Psychology and Arts Management, a major I created, at Oberlin College. A lot of my interests lie in the arts, at Oberlin I help run a student dance company, stage manage both departmental and student theatre productions, and teach dance classes. I am continuing this interest and involvement while on the Advanced Studies in England program by completing an internship with the Bath Philharmonia in addition to taking three classes in the study of the arts. I am also volunteering at a toddler group and a youth theatre.

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