My name is Amelia (she/her/hers). I am from California, and am currently in my third year attending Oberlin College in Ohio. At Oberlin, I am majoring in Psychology and have created my own major in Arts Management. I do a lot of other stuff at Oberlin too, such as working at the Bowling Lanes owned by the college, giving tours of the college, and, naturally classes. Since I am primarily interested in theater, I spend a lot of time doing things related to that, such as serving as one of the co-chairs for the Oberlin Student Theater Association, stage managing both departmental and student-run shows, and running ViBE Dance Company, a student-run tap and jazz dance organization.

While on the Advanced Studies in England program, I will be taking Film Screenwriting, UK Media in a Globalised World, and Late-Twentieth Century British Drama, while also completing an internship with the Bath Philharmonia, doing a project on the role of music in the community. I am also hoping to be able to do some traveling around Europe during my semester, or possibly after, who knows.