Additional Photos

I take a lot of photos, and I don’t want to overload text posts with them, so all of my photos and additional photos will be here, in reverse chronological order (i.e. newer photos will be first).

IMG_7164.jpgShakespeare’s grave in Holy Trinity Church in Stratford (5/11).

18403951_645806728947912_6480058695095195454_o.jpgA butterfly landed on my hand at the butterfly farm in Stratford (5/10).

IMG_7130.jpgAnne Hathaway (Shakespeare’s wife)’s cottage in Stratford (5/10).

IMG_7125.jpgShakespeare’s birthplace in Stratford on Avon (5/9).

IMG_7108.jpgThe damage from blowing up glitter-filled balloons at the Bath Phil education project (5/6).

IMG_7105.jpgThe setup of balloons for Bath Phil education project (5/6).

IMG_7116.jpgSeeing Daniel Radcliffe in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead in London (5/5).

IMG_7006.jpgThe view from one part of Corfe Castle (4/14).

IMG_7027.jpgSome of what remains of Corfe Castle (4/14).

IMG_6991.jpgSome rock formations along with buildings from around WWII along the coast, near the end of our hike (4/14).

IMG_6983.jpgOverlooking the coast, after climbing down and up many stairs (4/14).

IMG_6975.jpgAround the beginning of our hike along the Dorset coast, I believe this is Chapman’s Pool according to some quick google mapping (4/14).

IMG_6952.jpgThe breakdown of what is in the spa water, which I drank (4/10).

IMG_6935.jpgCurses that were thrown into the baths, mainly cursing people who have stolen from the person writing the curse (4/10).

IMG_6932.jpgA model of the whole structure of the Roman Baths in the 4th century, with the baths being in the large domed buildings on the right (4/10).

IMG_6945.jpgThe Roman Baths, the namesake of Bath (4/10).

Street art in Glasgow (4/5).

IMG_6889.jpgThe view over Glasgow from the Necropolis (4/5).

FullSizeRender (2).jpgMe sitting in the large grass covered chair in front of the Riverside Museum (4/5).

IMG_6886.jpgRecreation of an old street in the Riverside Museum (4/5).

Anna Pavlova, 1910 by Sir John Lavery in the Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow (4/5).

IMG_6838.jpgBuckingham Palace at sunset (3/31).

IMG_6835.jpgThe British Museum, which we didn’t actually make it into (3/31).

Living out my dream of being at Platform 9 3/4 at Kings Cross Station (3/31).

IMG_6831.jpgThe Tower of London, which is actually the little spire-type item slightly to the left of the turret in the center (3/31).

Piscasso’s “Weeping Woman” in the Tate Modern (3/31).

IMG_6816.jpgThe inside of the reconstruction of the Globe Theater, done using the same techniques as when the original was constructed (3/31).

IMG_6812.jpgThe view from the top of the London Eye, you can see Parliament and Big Ben (3/31).

IMG_6807.jpgWestminster Abbey (3/31).

Big Ben, which actually refers to the clock and not the tower (3/31).

IMG_6800.jpgThe changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace (3/31).

IMG_6778.jpgPicasso’s Blue Roofs, Paris in the Ashmolean (3/23).

Van Gogh’s Restaurant de la Sirène, Asnières in the Ashmolean (3/23).

IMG_6768.jpgA deconstructed sarcophagus and mummy in the Ashmolean (3/23).

IMG_6767.jpgThe Ashmolean Museum in Oxford (3/23).

The door that was supposed to be the inspiration for the door in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (3/22).

The library at Christ Church College (3/22).

The yard that has the tree the Cheshire Cat was supposed to sit in (on the right) and the small door that inspired the scene where Alice has to shrink to go through the door (3/22).

An inspiration for a scene in Alice in Wonderland (3/22).

The Great Hall, used to film in the Harry Potter movies in Christ Church College (3/22).

The stairs the first years go up before being sorted in the first Harry Potter movie, Christ Church College (3/22).

An exhibit in the Museum of Oxford about all of the inspirations for Alice in Wonderland that really well utilized projections (3/22).

A piece by Lubaina Himid in Modern Art Oxford (3/22).

“Technically it’s a ferret” Harry Potter filming location in New College at Oxford (3/21).

Coin orrey, it spins at the correct rate for the earth and moon’s revolutions (3/21).

A blackboard Einstein wrote on in the Museum of the History of Science (3/21).

A page of the Magna Carta in the Weston Library (3/21).

A copy of Shakespeare’s First Folio in the Weston Library (3/21).

Comparison of me in the Divinity School and the infirmary in the first Harry Potter movie in the Bodleian Libraries (3/21).

IMG_6679.jpgDifferent decorated Easter eggs in the Pitt Rivers (3/21).

The totem pole in the Pitt Rivers (3/21).

Shrunken heads in the Pitt Rivers (3/21).

The collection of supposed magical items from many cultures in the Pitt Rivers Museum (3/21).

IMG_6667.jpgSome of the model ships in the Pitt Rivers Museum (3/21).

Overhead view of the Museum of Natural History ground floor (3/21).

The first thing upon walking into the Museum of Natural History (3/21).

My attempt at punting, which is incredibly difficult (3/19).

The Eagle and the Child, where CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien would meet and talk in Oxford (3/19).

Christ Church meadows in Oxford, specifically the War Memorial Garden (3/19).

The memorial to Percy Shelley in my building at Univ (3/18).

A mistake in one of the tapestries, a dog with horse hooves (3/18).

A tapestry of the battle of Blenheim, the namesake of Blenheim Palace (3/18).

A replica costume made entirely of paper in Blenheim Palace (3/18).

Blenheim Palace, built in 1704 for the Duke of Marlborough, 2000 acres (3/18).

IMG_6462.jpgThe hard-to-miss building for the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff Bay (2/26).

IMG_6503.jpgA bunch of the Cybermen used over the course of the show (2/26).

IMG_6504.jpgWeeping Angel statue in the Doctor Who Experience (2/26).

IMG_6498.jpgThe sonic screwdrivers used over the years, mainly originals, in the Doctor Who Experience (2/26).

IMG_6459.jpgThe Pierhead Building, the Welsh equivalent of Big Ben (2/26).

IMG_6456.jpgSt. John’s Church (I think) in Cardiff (2/26).

IMG_6433.jpgThe back of the Chavenage House (2/24).

IMG_6411.jpgView from the top of Broadway Tower, overlooking 16 counties (2/24).

IMG_6407.jpgBroadway Tower in the Cotswolds, overlooking 16 counties (2/24).

View from the Clifton Suspension Bridge (2/17).

Banksy’s “Well-Hung Man” in Bristol (2/17).

The oldest item in the Bristol Cathedral, from around the 11th century, showing Christ descending to hell to rescue Adam and Eve, standing on the head of Satan (2/17).

Only part of the Bristol Cathedral, it extends to both sides (2/17).

The planetarium for the Bristol Science Centre, which we compared to the Bean (2/17).

Quaker burial ground in Bristol, used from 1665-1923 (2/17).

The Chaotic Pendulum in St. Mary Redcliffe Church (2/17).

St. Mary Redcliffe Church in Bristol, constructed from the 12th to 15th centuries (2/17).

IMG_6213.JPGThe house used as Godric’s Hollow in the first Harry Potter movie (2/5).

IMG_6217.JPGLacock doesn’t have many modern disturbances, such as phone lines, so is often used for films (2/5).

IMG_6203.JPGThe house where Sense and Sensibility was filmed (2/5).

IMG_6206.JPGA painted fire-and-brimstone scene that’s been white washed over twice in St. Thomas’ Church (2/5).

IMG_6191.JPGWilliam Longspree’s tomb in Salisbury Cathedral (2/5).

IMG_6181.JPGFountain put in Salisbury Cathedral in 2008, designed by William Pye (2/5).

IMG_6199.JPGThe oldest clock, housed in Salisbury Cathedral, in use since 1386 (2/5)

IMG_6171.JPGThe Cathedral itself is very very large and cannot fit into one photo (2/5).

IMG_6172.JPGThe spire at Salisbury Cathedral is 404 feet in the air, the tallest in England (2/5)

IMG_6165.JPGVery bad photo of Old Sarum, a medieval town dating to the 1200s (2/5).IMG_6158.JPGProof I actually was at Stonehenge (2/5)

IMG_6159.JPGWhat the kind of rock that Stonehenge was made from looks like before being shaped (2/5)

IMG_6140.JPGSteve the cat, a regular visitor to our house (2/4)

IMG_6139.JPGThe dessert counter in Cafe Lucca, featuring plenty of gluten and/or dairy free options (2/4)

IMG_6138.JPGCaprese panini and bumbleberry juice from Cafe Lucca (2/4)

IMG_6129.JPG“Lake” that is more of a pond in Victoria Park (2/4)

IMG_6126.JPGHouse near Victoria Park that looks like it should be in a fairytale (2/5)

IMG_6123.JPGThe Royal Crescent (2/4)

IMG_6119.JPGFarmers market that is open on weekends (2/4)

IMG_6109.JPGFood from a pub called the Ram, veggie burger and chips and pint of cider (2/1)


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