Epilogue Part 4: Prague

We managed to find wifi and get an uber from the bus station to our airbnb, where we met our very friendly host and his friendly cat. It was actually a pretty nice airbnb, we had our own room and little balcony and they gave us a water kettle and tea. We had chosen Prague because we had been planning on ending in Reykjavik, and the cheapest flight was from Prague, so going into our full day in Prague, we didn’t have an exact plan. I have a trip planning app, so I looked up Prague on there and found some things that were in the same area and we went from there.

We started out at Prague Castle, which had lots of different parts to it, so we bought a ticket that allowed us to see most of it. The main attraction, it seemed, was St. Vitus Cathedral (see photo below), which had a long line to get inside for the whole day. It was a very beautiful cathedral, although it seems that there hasn’t been as much cleaning as on some of the other cathedrals I’ve seen, it has a lot of the blackness that results from pollution. The Castle wasn’t so much of a castle as a large collection of buildings that all related to the history and running of the castle, but it wasn’t what people typically think of as a castle, although it was still very cool and went a lot into the different ways that that site has been a part of history.IMG_7368.jpg

We then walked over to Petrin Tower, which looks like a small reconstruction of the Eiffel Tower. We took a small break to get some ice cream first, and then decided to take the elevator up rather than doing more walking on a very hot day. The view from the top was lovely (see photo below) and I think it partially comes from there being a pretty unifying architectural style throughout the city. The castle was also on the top of a hill, so for most of our day, we had some lovely views.IMG_7406.jpg

From the Tower, we walked over to the John Lennon wall, which is a wall covered in graffiti and art and is much smaller than I expected. It seemed to be more of a place where people take pictures for instagram, although there was one guy playing Beatles songs and another person adding art to the wall, but I found it generally underwhelming. We went to get dinner after that and ended up at an outdoor restaurant that was under a large tree. Before we got our food, our meal was interrupted by a pigeon falling out of the tree and onto Henry’s back and not getting off despite him shaking his shirt and trying to shrug it off, and eventually swatting it off where it flew over and hit me in the back before finally landing on the ground. This had been quite a commotion by that point and a waiter came over and offered us a different table if we wanted and shooed the bird out of the restaurant. It was a very surreal experience.

We had initially gone to that restaurant to get wifi, which they didn’t have, so we ended up walked into town to find some and accidentally crossing the Charles Bridge, which I didn’t realize until after is another attraction in Prague. After a bit of souvenir shopping, we did find wifi and got an uber back to our airbnb. Our travel experience also wasn’t too bad that time, although we did have to wait in the airport about 6 hours because of when we had to check out of our airbnb, but other than that, our flight to Reykjavik was fine.