Epilogue Part 3: Vienna

In Vienna, we started off on a weird foot because I got a message from our airbnb host who said that there was a double booking issue and he had an apartment for us, but it wasn’t the one we had looked at. It was a little stressful because we didn’t have data, so we could only talk to him when there was wifi. The apartment we ended up staying in, which was “unfinished,” didn’t have wifi, we could only connect to the public wifi on the street corner outside or if we leaned out the window of our room. We also didn’t have towels, but we learned that paper towels work pretty well, as do old shirts, when drying off after a shower.

Our apartment did have a great view, and we could see Schonbrunn Palace from our window, which was where we sent our full day in Vienna. Schonbrunn (see photo below) has apparently gotten more busy and so we didn’t actually get to go into the palace until about 4 hours after we got there. However, the pass we bought allowed us access to a bunch of the other places, like gardens and mazes and such, which were all very pretty and nice to walk around. Henry had also been there before, so it was interesting to hear how things were different when he was there and what he remembered and such. Unfortunately, we couldn’t take pictures in the Palace itself, so I don’t actually remember all of it, but they did have an audio guide that was really helpful and gave good information on everything. IMG_7309.jpg

That night we went up to the roof and watched the sunset, which was really pretty, and then the next day we got up to catch our next bus, only 4 hours this time, to Prague. But of course, it did not go as planned. We took an uber from our airbnb to where we were supposed to catch the bus, but once we got there, it was not at all a bus station. We arrived half an hour early, so we had a bit of time. Since we didn’t have data, we had to rush around to try and find wifi to figure out where we were supposed to be going. We did, and it was a 25 minute walk to the bus station, so we started hustling over in what was hopefully the correct direction, leaving approximately 25 minutes before our bus was supposed to arrive. Naturally, I got really stressed, almost felt like crying, but we did make our bus, with a good bit of sweating and anxiety. And our passports weren’t even checked (or Czeched) getting to Prague.


Dear ______: A Reflection

I’ve officially moved out of my house and ASE is officially over, so I thought I’d say a couple things in reflection. 

Dear ASE staff, thank you all so much for all of the hard work you’ve put into this unexpectedly eventful semester, it’s been so wonderful to see and get to know you all. 

Dear fellow ASE students, thank you for all adding so much to my experience here, I’m going to miss all of you a ton but hope to see everyone soon or in September.  

Dear Bath Phil staff, you have all been an absolute delight to work with and I don’t think I can ever forget a lot of the things I had the chance to do with you.

Dear Next Stage Youth Theatre staff and youthers, I’ve enjoyed working with all of you and thank you for how openly you welcomed us into your group. 

Dear Dave and the Manvers Street staff, you’re all incredibly kind and the work you do is amazing and so important, thank you for letting me be a part of it. 

Dear 31 Prior Park, you had your issues over the course of my stay, but thank you for making me feel like I had a home. 

Dear residents of 31 Prior Park, I loved living with every single one of you, thank you for being friendly and easy to live with. 

Dear Steve the cat, we’ve had our ups and downs (please don’t bring dead birds to our back door), but you definitely know what you want and try your hardest to get it, and I admire that. 

Dear classmates, thank you for all being an active part of each of the seminars I was in, I don’t think they could have been as good without you. 

Dear tutors, thank you for the interesting, surprising, engaging, and insightful classes and thank you for the work you put into them.

Dear blackcurrant and elderflower, I will miss you and the lovely juice you make when I’m back in the US. 

And lastly,

Dear Bath, thank you for the crazy, fun, weird, and wonderful experiences that you’ve given me, I couldn’t imagine a better place to spend my semester abroad.